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The African Catholic Community Vienna worships at the Pfarre Auferstehung Christi (Resurrection of Christ Parish)
Siebenbrunnenfeldgasse 24, in the 5th district Vienna Austria 


Origin of African Catholic Community Vienna

kardinalkoenigThe African Catholic Community (ACC) Vienna,was founded about 20 years ago together with other foreign communities from Asia and Latin American Countries.
The Community is within the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Vienna, Austria., under the umbrella of Rektorate Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Afroasiatischen und Lateinamerikanischen Gemeinden (ARGE AAG ) Wien.
The ARGE AAG Rektorate is a brain child of the late Cardinal Franz König who established it with an aim of giving room to the Clergy and the Lay faithful Students, emigrants and/or refugees residing in overseas to have an assess of integrating themselves into the European lifestyle without forgetting their own religious , cultural and moral values they inherited from their native countries.
In line with this aim, the African community helps its members to integrate themselves without loosing their own religious, cultural and moral identity that gives them a sense of belonging and to grow spiritually to the betterment of their lives while in Diaspora. Details


Sunday School

is organised every Sunday with the sole aim of teaching the children the basics of christianity.

Time: 11:15 to 12:15
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Up-coming Events

  • World Mission Sunday 24th October @ Stephansdom 10:00
  • Community Bazaar 21st November @Am Tabor 11:00
  • End of year party 12th December @ Am Tabor 11:00.
  • Sunday readings - Detail


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